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Denver, Colorado to Prince Rupert, BC Canada : A collection of connected day rides with many side trips, based from a truck camper, through parts of Colorado, Nebraska, Wyoming, Montana, Alberta and British Columbia ( 7300 miles during the Spring/Summer of 2004 ).

1. Colorado, Nebraska, Wyoming    picture page: Monuments of the Basins
2. Montana                                    picture page: Mountain Horizons
3. Alberta, British Columbia Part 1   picture page: Ranches
4. BC Part 2, return trip                   picture page: Mountain Lakes

A Mountain Pass Safari in the Western Alps: 2800 miles between Nice, France and Stuttgart, Germany, much of it on dayrides from a stopover, climbing over mountain passes (Spring/ Summer 2012).

1. The Maritime and Haute Provence Alps
2. Ubaye Valley and Savoi Alps
3. Through the Jura Mountains, onwards to Stuttgart
Favorite Summits


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