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  Packsaddle Pass

I found this little pass by accident. It is only labeled as Packsaddle Road in de Lorme Gazetteer maps. It turned out to be the best part of a day long loop ride - not because of awe inspiring vistas, but simply because of peace and quiet in the forest, a steep road in harmony with the landscape around it, and only a single other vehicle (a motorcycle), that I saw on this part of the ride. But there is also a quickly fleeting summit view on the east side.

1.(4120ft,mile00.0) START-END WEST: jct US50 - Silver Fork Rd, Kyburz
2.(4990ft,mile04.6)route turns left up 10N24 to Packsaddle Pass
3.(7210ft,mile12.1) TOP: Packsaddle Pass
4.(5800ft,mile17.8)START-END EAST: Strawberry Creek Rd terminates on US50


From West. The profile starts by going up Silver Fork (of the American River) Road from US50 in Kyburz. While cycling along on this peaceful, smoothly paved forest road, you pass a sign pointing steeply upwards. Packsaddle Pass it reads. The road turns into a tunnel of green vegetation, with a very variable grade and curves that follow every whim of the landscape. One more turnoff to the left, five miles below the summit is necessary to stay on course. Again it is clearly signed as Packsaddle Pass. Approaching the top, a high bare cone of a mountain becomes visible. I bet that exploring the unpaved forest road spurs on the the top would yield a better view, than from the pass itself

From East. (described downwards). But from this road the view in the photo is probably the best, one can expect. The road drops steeply to US50. The turnoff from US50 on this side is signed as "Strawberry Creek Tract" and "42 Milestone Tract".

A Dayride with this point as intermediate summit is on page : Carson Pass