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FR17 Lassen National Forest s(u)

There must be hundreds of roads like this in the northwestern states, forest roads that climb in thick forest, with barely a hint of a far view. So they may look and feel interchangeable. For some reason this one has a sign, marking it as a biking route. But this may just refer to sideroads in the general area. The surface is medium heavily graveled, and it does not seem perfect for cycling. But this road makes the missing link in a loop over the Lassen National Park Road Summit.

1.(4850ft,mile00.0)START-END SOUTH: westernmost turnoff onto Viola Mineral Rd, east of Mineral
3.(6070ft,mile06.7)tunoff on right onto FR29N22 is a shorter connectionto Lassen NP
4.(5310ft,mile17.0)intermediate low point
5.(5730ft,mile18.4) intermediate high point
6.(5510ft,mile21.8)START-END NORTH: profile turns left onto Ca44
7.(5120ft,mile23.3)START-END NORTH ALT: jct Ca44-FR32N17 to north


From South. East of Mineral, a conspicuous sign displaying a bicycle, points out this dirt road, as being 24 miles long and connecting to Ca44. The road starts with a relentless climb in thick growth forest, just barely giving a hint between the lush vegetation, that there is a valley below. After about a 1000ft of climbing the slope levels out, and the road traverses along a green ridge. The intersection with 30N16, a shorter connection to the Lassen National Park Summit is well marked. The road crests at an indistinguishable spot in the forest

From North. (described downwards). After lots of gentle rolling along, the most exciting thing is probably passing the sign for the Heart Lake trailhead. Actually - come to think of it - the most exciting thing was a half second long view of what must be Mount Shasta to the north. If I would ride this again I am sure that I would miss this short glimpse. But for all I know there may be other microsecond long views (when seen from a moving bicycle).

Then gentle distant ridges appear in the distance, disolving in the haze. The road passes several clear cut areas, with just a curtain of trees between them and the road. Before getting to pavement, there is another small climb of about 400ft. The jct with Ca44 shows up completely unecpected.


A Dayride with this summit as intermediate summit is on page: Lassen National Park Road Summit