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FR19 s(u)-2

This summit point is located on a partially unpaved loop ride around Mount Shasta. On this side the area is one big logging operation, and the mountain appears as a serene backdrop to forest devastation. But I did not meet any logging trucks on the road.

profile and map for this point are included on page: FR19 Deer Mtn Rd s(u)


From South. When going around Mount Shasta, the route reaches a low point at the jct of FR31 and FR19. It is well signed. During the first part of the ride up to this point, Mount Shasta appears like a ghost behind a large number of clear cut areas, devastation in the foreground, pristine beauty as backdrop. The route named Military Pass Road can be a little confusing on this side. It joins FR19 from the right. A little later it leaves FR19 to the left, but is closed due to "infirm surface" as the sign says (sand). Soon after this the devastation on FR19 climaxes, as the cone of Mount Shasta can only be seen behind several story high piles of sawedlogs. Now the FR19 detour to Military Pass leaves to the left.

Now the real climb on Fr19 starts. But the road quickly looses site of Mount Shasta after gaining a little altitude. It crests on a traverse with a limited view to the east.

From South. A fast descent traversing into a deep forested (minus the clear cut areas) valley soon makes clear that we have to climb out of here again, even a little higher, eventually reaching the FR19 Deer Mtn Rd s(u). But there is also a logging road leading lower from the low point between these two summits.


A Dayride with this point as intermediate summit is on page: FR19 Deer Mtn Rd s(u)